Web traffic bot rebuild

Web Traffic Bot Rebuild is app that can generate more traffic into your blog/website automaticly. Keep on mind Web Traffic bot rebuild not work in any paid to visit website like adfly etc..

Do not use web traffic bot into website that content Ad-sense ads because your account will be posible banned

Latest version 1.36 [05/27/2020]
- Traffic exchange improve
- Advertise your link.
- Record all traffic exchange.

→ Unique Multi User Agent Random.
→ Unique Random Reffering Url.
→ Support Multi Task.
→ Support Single Task.
→ 5 seconds Interval per visit.
→ Allowed Popup Windows in the Target Website.
→ Auto click For Single Task [Beta]

This is a latest update of web traffic bot. Because of lose files and backup is gone! we need to create a new again. Web traffic bot will not update again but we ensure we will keep this backup files into safe to avoid lose files.

App info:
version: 139
android required: 4.1 up
Downloads: 10,000+


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